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My passion for art came from my mother and my obsession for photography came from days spent with my father, viewing slides from his travels around the world. They used to mesmerise me.

Dust specs shining in the light, the smell of heat coming from the projector fan and the treat to fill the canisters with newly created slides. This experience ingrained a creative impulse to capture moments of time and inspired me for adventure. 

Turning twelve my father went to work in Naples. To entertain me on my visits, he gave me a Canon AE1, I adored it!  A black and white darkroom in the spare room led to many hours of experimenting and creating pictures from the dilapidated streets of Naples.


My passions took me to a BTEC (photography) Art A-level and BA (Hons) Degree in applied art. A few years exploring the world, travelling the wonders of Australasia and South Africa.

First four years of my career I focused on assisting photographers who specialised in fashion and portraiture. Gained knowledge, a personal style and evolved into a full time creative commercial photographer, specialising in people for the fashion, advertising and editorial sectors.  

Over ninteen years experience in the photographic industry, including over three years on the board of The Association of photographers. I have shot many inspirational people and worked for some amazing clients, the best part is, I still love what I do!

Passionate about photography, a love for art and music, a want for ceramics and implementing ideas to create products like PhoneHug® combined with a need for the outdoors and discovering new places.

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